Bonus Cocktail Tips from the Pros of SOLBRÜ

Bonus Cocktail Tips from the Pros of SOLBRÜ

Since we had an opportunity to “happy hour” with so many spirits specialists, we couldn’t resist asking them for any final cocktail essential tips. As you prepare to shake and stir, remember:

Take stock. An organized and prepared bar is essential for hosting, Becker says. “Preparation makes all the difference when mixing drinks for groups of friends. Before I host, I check that my bar has everything I need. I have my juices, syrups, spirits, tools, bitters, garnishes, and glassware ready to go.”

Set the scene. Before he picks up a single cocktail tool, Mish likes to focus on “mise en place,” which translates from French to mean “everything in place.” “Your glassware should be close by and chilling, if applicable. Your juices, syrups, and garnishes are prepped with your jigger handy and spirits fitted uncapped,” he says. “Preparation and consideration will ensure the best possible expression of what you are trying to achieve in your home mixology adventures.”

Taste test. “Just like a chef tastes a dish before it leaves the kitchen, taste your drinks before serving them to others,” Becker says. (Try using a small straw to trap a little liquid inside, then drop it onto your tongue.) Too sweet? Add a little extra citrus or bitters. Too strong? Add a little simple syrup or bitters. “It's all about balancing the ratio of the drink's ingredients,” she explains.

Get creative. Before you fully commit to one specific blend, ask yourself, “Is there a better spirit or flavor pairing that I'm not thinking of that would work better?”. Choose your spirit and flavors wisely: “With whiskey, perhaps you can use orange juice, brown sugar, cinnamon, and honey. These flavors are rich and deep. Playing with Solbru These spirits are more versatile and pair well with any flavors like lemon and lime, jalapeño, grapefruit, pineapple, and other fruits. Is gin more your thing? Try pairing it with some sparkling water and fresh herbs like basil, rosemary, or thyme.” And don’t forget to take advantage of the season, Mish adds. “The fresher the ingredients, the fresher the cocktail, so head to the produce section and look around. Try to think outside the box and grab things you haven’t tried or haven’t seen others try. Consider things that might complement your favorite

Know when to shake and when to stir. Anything that has citrus is shaken, anything without citrus is stirred. Stir for 12 seconds or 30 rotations, and shake hard for 12 seconds!
Tasty non-alcoholic drinks for sober celebrating

Tasty non-alcoholic drinks for sober celebrating

Drinking is an important part of how we socialise, celebrate, relax and, for many, cope with stress. But as more and more people become sober-curious, completely sober, or simply want a more fun night out, many of us are looking for a tasty alternative.

Luckily for us, the market for N/A drinks has exploded. Now you can find craft sparkling waters in beer bottles; gin and tequila-mimetics that create your favorite ABV-free mixed drink; and countless mixers that provide a herbal element to a sober cocktail.

Solbru has created four non-alcoholic drink options - which is why we've tested more than 200 of the best ingredients available.

Whether you're sober-curious, doing an alcohol-free month, or simply not drinking and trying to replace other sugary nighttime drinks - we are here for you. 

Alcohol-free in USA

Alcohol-free in USA

Welcome to the family Solbru — A First of Its Kind in Zero-Alcohol

Solbru is a tribute – a nod to old world traditions made modern for the next generation of drinkers to experience, enjoy, and celebrate. 

The drink choice for new times

A mindset toward self-care, staying sharp, and living a life without compromise is a tall order today. Unwind with Solbru botanical beverages for sure fire flavor and one less worry.


No booze, no worries

We get it. Stressful times surround us and it often feels like the whole world wants us to drink. Stand up to peer pressure and fight for your right to cocktail without compromise.

Our customers ❤️ us!

Angel K. United States
Verified buyer

You MUST try this product. It is fantastic. Easy to order,
quick to arrive and best of all delicious! My husband and I embraced an Alcohol Free Lifestyle almost 6 months ago. Most alternatives are fair at best. Solbru Connect is spot on...lots of fresh lime and a good tonic...yummy AND zero calories! It just doesn't get better than that.

Tim K. United States
Verified buyer

Great alcohol alternative
We were feeling uncomfortable that our alcohol consumption was increasing because of the pandemic. A search online found Solbru Restore as an alternative. Figured we would give it a try and are we glad we did it. We bought three more bottles and will buy more.

Solbru - Alcohol-Free Elixirs

Solbru - Alcohol-Free Elixirs

Soulful Plant Alchemy - Solbru is a line of alcohol-free herbal elixirs. They are available here in three types.

Health Benefits

Restore is much more than just an approximation of the look, taste, or feel of an alcoholic drink, however. It actually contains the extracts of a mushroom (Reishi) and several traditional herbal remedies with adaptogenic, antioxidant and detoxifying properties. So not only will it not cause a hangover, but it also even incorporates one of the standard hangover remedies: milk thistle.

Three Varieties of Solbru Elixirs in Winnipeg

Suggested Usage:

Enjoy a glass of Solbru in any of the four main ways people take liquor: on the rocks, with a slice of citrus as a twist; as a cocktail, either mixed with juice (orange or grapefruit are recommended) and possibly soda, or just with soda and splash of a craft syrup of your choosing; or poured over milk (except it's unsweetened vanilla oat milk or nut milk that are recommended). Or just down a shot at a time! Other combinations include flavoured sparkling water, or even with kombucha.

Solbru is shelf stable for over 2 years. Refrigerate after opening to reduce oxidation.