A drink to remember

Inspired by nature, our non-alcoholic aperitif-style beverages are crafted with mindfully selected mushrooms and botanicals designed to help you unwind + connect.
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4 Pack Bundles

Our bestselling variety pack is the perfect way to experience all of our delicious and intricately crafted flavors.

Save $6-$10 by purchasing all 4 formulas in a variety pack.

Smoky orange Cardamom

Relax + Restore

An infusion of reishi mushrooms, with flavours of rich smoky flavour from roasted dandelion root, orange and cardamom.

Intended for a relaxing and restoring evening.

available in 750ml & 375ml

Lemon mint rosemary

Elevate + Perform

Infused with cordyceps mushrooms to support your energy levels naturally, while delivering a crisp, light, and refreshing flavour. Elevate will lift your spirit with bright, floral notes of zesty lemon, fresh peppermint, and enticing rosemary.

Intended for an elevated social experience.

available in 750ml & 375ml

Hibiscus lime rosehip

Balance + Connect

Connect is infused with turkey tail mushrooms, delivering a cascade of sour tartness, from lime & hibiscus flower, followed by bittersweet rosehip.

Intended for a balanced gut and connected heart.

available in 750ml & 375ml

Apple clove lavender

Focus + Inspire

Crafted with lions mane mushrooms and chamomile, delivering notes of sweet apple, relaxing lavender and clove.

Intended for a focused + inspired minds

available in 750ml & 375ml


Inspire + nuture the human spirit, one drink at a time.

Every bottle sold supports addiction recovery


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