Raising Vibes,
Grounding Souls

Welcome to a new way of living—one that’s in ultimate alignment with who you are. 

You’ve become more conscious of your health. You want to show up authentically and confidently for those around you who matter most. You desire a calm sense of belonging without being forced to settle for society’s social drinking norms. 

Which is why we’ve crafted our nourishing elixirs to infuse your body, mind, and spirit with a potent blend of functional mushrooms and herbs that can elevate your mood, restore peak performance, and inspire connection, rather than numb you out.

Whether you’re alcohol-free for the moment or done with alcohol completely, we’re honored to be your guide. Welcome to Solbrü’s movement.

Our Mission:

Reduce the negative impact of drinking culture

Every bottle sold supports addiction recovery

Redefining Social Connection

Our sugar-free, plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, alcohol-free, and sustainably sourced elixirs are consumed the same way as spirits and provide you the freedom to walk your own path and empower you to be intentional about your drinking habits—all without losing your sense of belonging in social settings.

Elixir Line-up

Our sophisticated, alcohol-free (AF) elixirs were created specifically for those who have decided to live a redefined existence - one of healthy body, mind and soul.

"I love the idea of sipping on something healthy, and having a clear mind while hanging out with my friends.”
— Jenn
“The market is filled with sugary non-alcoholic beverages, it’s lovely to see a low sugar, tasty and HEALTHY option.”
— Amber
"I absolutely love everything you stand for and what you're trying to accomplish. I was a former addict and found my way to wholeness through spiritual practices, challenging everyday norms, and diving deep into holistic nutrition to create a healthy body worth loving.
Definitely an interesting little head buzz and tastes delicious!"
— Erik