Alcohol-free in USA

Welcome to the Solbrü family — A First of Its Kind in Zero-Alcohol.

Solbrü is a tribute – a nod to old world traditions made modern for the next generation of drinkers to experience, enjoy, and celebrate. 

The drink choice for new times

A mindset toward self-care, staying sharp, and living a life without compromise is a tall order today. Unwind with Solbrü botanical beverages for flavor and functionality and health.


No booze, no worries

We get it. Stressful times surround us and it often feels like the whole world wants us to drink. Stand up to peer pressure and fight for your right to cocktail without compromise.

Our customers ❤️ us!

Angel K. United States
Verified buyer

You MUST try this product. It is fantastic. Easy to order,
quick to arrive and best of all delicious! My husband and I embraced an Alcohol Free Lifestyle almost 6 months ago. Most alternatives are fair at best. Solbrü Connect is spot on...lots of fresh lime and a good tonic...yummy AND zero calories! It just doesn't get better than that.

Tim K. United States
Verified buyer

Great alcohol alternative
We were feeling uncomfortable that our alcohol consumption was increasing because of the pandemic. A search online found Solbru Restore as an alternative. Figured we would give it a try and are we glad we did it. We bought three more bottles and will buy more.