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26oz 4-Pack Bundle

Can't decide on 1 flavour? Try all 4 flavours and save $15.

1-26oz Relax + Restore: Soulfully brewed for chill moments of unwind. It's a bold, earthy blend of citrus and smoky dandelion. The flavour journey is complex, smoky and bitter, with notes of cardamom and orange. Relax + Restore is mindfully crafted with a blend of reishi mushrooms to restore your personal power and warrior strength. 

1-26oz Elevate + Perform: Crafted for moments of late nights or festivals, this Brü is infused with cordyceps mushrooms, and has notes of rosemary and mint. The flavour journey is nuanced, with a zesty blend of citrus and herbal botanicals.

1-26oz Balance + Connect: SolbrüBalance + Connect is crafted for moments of dinner parties and celebrations. It's a bittersweet and tart, earthy blend of citrus and floral botanicals with notes of hibiscus, lime and rose.  Turkey tail mushrooms are great for balancing the gut microbiome.

1-26oz Focus + Inspire: Crafted with Lion’s Mane mushroom for moments of deep concentration or relaxation. Focus + Inspire delivers sweet apple notes from chamomile, layered with calming lavender and warming cloves. The flavour journey is sweet with a smooth finish.

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