Ready To Shift Your Perspective?

Solbrü was born out of the idea that a huge part of our story, behaviours, and lifestyle, are connected to our family and upbringing. 'Sol' means “ground” in French and harkens back to our founder Leanne’s French roots. ‘brü’ is a play on “brew”, as the vehicle in which Solbrü helps people become grounded in themselves.

Solbrü was brought to life by the science and spirit of plant remedy—the study and use of functional mushrooms and herbs. We’ve curated a unique, delicious blend of natural botanical properties to enrich your mind, body, and soul. These botanicals have been used traditionally for generations in Indigenous and Chinese medicine.

All our elixirs contain apple cider vinegar, organic mushroom and herbal extracts and our proprietary blend of spices, warming you from the inside out before finishing off with the perfect bite. This sophisticated alcohol-free alchemy creates a 'boozy bite' and consumed the same way as a spirit; as a shot, on the rocks or in your favourite alcohol-free cocktail.