375ml 4-Pack Bundle


Can't decide on 1 flavour? Try all 4 flavours and save $10.

1 Relax + Restore: Infused with reishi mushrooms for moments of chilling and unwinding. It's a bold, earthy blend of citrus and smoky dandelion. The flavour journey is complex, smoky and bitter, with notes of cardamom and orange. 

1 Elevate + Perform: Crafted for any moment that calls for party popping, elevating and celebrating. This Brü is infused with cordyceps mushrooms, and has notes of rosemary and peppermint. The flavour journey is nuanced, with a zesty blend of citrus and herbal botanicals.

1 Balance + Connect: Solbrü  Balance + Connect is crafted for good vibes and catching up with friends. It's a bittersweet and tart, herbaceous and citrus with notes of hibiscus, lime and rosehip.

1 Focus + Inspire: Crafted with Lion’s Mane mushroom for moments of deep focus, creativity or productivityFocus + Inspire delivers sweet apple notes from chamomile, layered with calming lavender and warming cloves. The flavour journey is sweet with a smooth finish.