Solbru - Alcohol-Free Elixirs
Soulful Plant Alchemy - Solbru is a line of alcohol-free herbal elixirs. They are available here in three types.

Health Benefits

Restore is much more than just an approximation of the look, taste, or feel of an alcoholic drink, however. It actually contains the extracts of a mushroom (Reishi) and several traditional herbal remedies with adaptogenic, antioxidant and detoxifying properties. So not only will it not cause a hangover, but it also even incorporates one of the standard hangover remedies: milk thistle.

Three Varieties of Solbru Elixirs in Winnipeg

Suggested Usage:

Enjoy a glass of Solbru in any of the four main ways people take liquor: on the rocks, with a slice of citrus as a twist; as a cocktail, either mixed with juice (orange or grapefruit are recommended) and possibly soda, or just with soda and splash of a craft syrup of your choosing; or poured over milk (except it's unsweetened vanilla oat milk or nut milk that are recommended). Or just down a shot at a time! Other combinations include flavoured sparkling water, or even with kombucha.

Solbru is shelf stable for over 2 years. Refrigerate after opening to reduce oxidation.